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Who is your favorite Lonestar Legend

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About Lone Star Legends

The Lone Star Legends is a collection of 25 books
featuring famous Texans from A to Z  
Stephen F. Austin to Lorenzo de Zavala.
An invaluable teaching tool for every Texas classroom!

The Lone Star Legends was designed by a Texas educator for Texas teachers. The similar structured biographies examine the rich and complex history of Texas. Every book identifies the contributions of significant individuals and events occurring in the 1800s. Each profile provides factual content divided into sections and a glossary with highlighted vocabulary words throughout the text.

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Each book contains a profile of…

• Vital Statistics
• Early & Later Years
• Education
• Marriage & Family
• Political Appointments
• Occupations
• Arrival in Texas
• Why a Legend?
• Texas Honors
• Glossary

Excerpts from the Lone Star Legends:

Stephen F. Austin had grown up to become a slender, graceful man with dark hair and hazel eyes. He was tactful, fair-minded, and had a great deal of patience. His good sense of reason, insightfulness, diplomacy, and ability to lead were the characteristics that Stephen would later use as a leader in Texas.

Sally Scull is not remembered with an honorary sculpture, historical site, or museum exhibit, but her tough, risk-taking attitude and independent spirit are part of the legendary make-up of heroes and history of Texas. She hauled cotton and supplies for the Confederacy. Sally Scull possessed the stamina and strength to carve out a living in a demanding world.

One day in 1831, William B.Travis got on his horse and headed for Texas. Historians disagree on the reason why Travis abandoned his family and left his home in Alabama. One story says he was on trial for murder, and the judge gave him a choice, death or Texas.

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